Oral sex only lasted ‘short while’

Herald Series: Jake SmithJake Smith

A pair of shop workers got more than they bargained for after they looked out of the window – to see Jake Smith having oral sex performed on him by a woman.

The 32-year-old pleaded guilty at Oxford Magistrates’ Court to outraging public decency, telling the justices: “Just get it over with.”

Representing himself, he said of the St Ebbes Street encounter: “It is what it is.”

He was given four weeks’ imprisonment, to be served at the same time as a 32 month sentence imposed last year for burglary and other offences.

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Child neglect

Herald Series: Fiona Akello-JosephFiona Akello-Joseph (Image: Thames Valley Police)

Fiona Akello-Joseph, 27, was arrested on July 29, 2018, by police officers suspicious she was involved in the drugs trade.

Despite initially telling the police that her children were safely with a responsible adult, she later came clean – and admitted they were home alone in Blackbird Leys.

When officers went round to the house, they found ants in the bedroom, an unsecured bottle of ant poison and struggled to find clothes for the children.

Akello-Joseph was jailed for 32 months, after she admitted child neglect and being involved in dealing drugs.

Judge Ian Pringle KC told her: “Within a month of being released under investigation you again were out drug dealing and you must have been aware of the consequences for you of doing that.”

A co-defendant, who was found in the car with her in 2018, was given a suspended prison sentence.

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Former sex worker blackmailed client

Herald Series: Gemma PageGemma Page (Image: Thames Valley Police)

Gemma Page, 40, blackmailed a man she had first men when he was a client. The former sex worker forced or tricked him into handing over £62,000, variously saying she would pay him back or that if he did not pay up she would go to his family home.

Jailing her for two years and eight months, Judge Maria Lamb told Wallingford woman Page: “You blackmailed over a period of eight months a man who was initially a paying client of yours and became a friend.

“You exploited him in my view relentlessly and you knew about his personal circumstances.”

The judge described blackmail as a ‘wicked’ offence.

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Westgate Centre rape attempt

Herald Series: Ross BarrowRoss Barrow (Image: Thames Valley Police)

Ross Barrow followed a woman into the ladies’ toilets at the Westgate Centre, exposed himself to her and tried to rape her.

The 31-year-old hung his head in shame as he appeared before the crown court in February to be sentenced

Sending the Oxford man down for four years and eight months, Judge Pringle said: “He went into the ladies’ public toilets. That’s what makes this concerning.”

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Paedophile in the park

Herald Series: Jason McDonaghJason McDonagh (Image: Thames Valley Police)

Convicted paedophile Jason McDonagh was living in Headington for weeks before the authorities established his true identity.

He had only been recently released from prison after serving almost all of the 10 year jail term imposed by a London judge for sexually assaulting a girl, leaving her with a venereal infection.

Unspeaking McDonagh was found by a jury to be ‘mute of malice’ rather than ‘mute by visitation of God’ – and was found guilty of breaching his sex offender notification requirements.

He was jailed for two-and-a-half years by Judge Nigel Daly, who said: “You disappeared off the radar, sleeping rough and making it extremely difficult for the authorities to track you.

"And, when they caught up with you, you made every effort to avoid identification.”

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Louis Vuitton and cash at home

Herald Series: Jahvina BrownJahvina Brown (Image: Thames Valley Police)

Jahvina Brown’s home was raided after police amassed intelligence that he was involved in the supply of class A drugs in Oxford.

The officers did not find heroin or crack cocaine at the Blackbird Leys address.

What they did find was thousands of pounds in cash and expensive designer goods.

Text messages connected him to the supply of hard drugs – and Brown admitted the offending when his case came before the crown court in February.

Jailing Brown for three years and four months, Recorder John Ryder KC branded the sale of illegal drugs a ‘pernicious trade, which as you will well know leads to a spiral of misery’.

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Hammer brandished

Herald Series: Lee PullenLee Pullen (Image: Thames Valley Police)

Lee Pullen brandished a lump hammer at an off-duty police officer, telling him that he had gone to prison for ‘14 years for killing someone - and he’d do it again’.

That was a lie, although the officer who was threatened at Sandford Lock did not know that.

The cop had stepped in after seeing Pullen arguing with a woman on the boat. But it was the officer who ended up in the firing line, with 40-year-old Lee advanced towards him with the hammer in hand.

Sending him down for a year, Recorder Samantha Presland said of the offence: “This was a particularly unpleasant assault, the second offence being a common assault. He was in genuine fear, with you threatening him with a hammer.

“One blow to the head could be deadly and it is understandable he was extremely concerned about this.”

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