Taylor Swift is a 33-year-old American singer-songwriter who has recently begun her long-awaited Era's tour, and fans are going wild.

This is her first concert series since her 2018's reputation stadium tour and has been hyped up for quite a while. With 250 million Instagram followers and 92.4 million followers on Twitter, it's easy to believe fans were fighting for tickets to this once in a lifetime experience.

What makes this tour so special? Well, Taylor has not held back at creating a tour like no other with her whimsical, elegant, and nostalgic looks, intriguing hidden meanings, and fascinating moves and props. One of her looks she has worn so far is a pink, sparkling Versace bodysuit that is meant to represent her Lover's Era, a custom pair of red-bottomed Louboutins that represent her Reputation album, and many other captivating outfits. All these outfits are linked skillfully to each album and the time in her life at which it was released; this shows Taylor's creativity and devotion to creating such a unique experience for those who get the chance to attend.

Not only did Taylor go all out on the outfits, but also with the enchanting props and graphics. Taylor is seen sitting at many beautifully decorated pianos, which help create the atmosphere needed for each era and song. An example would be the white and green moss-covered piano she is playing for Evermore and the brown rustic piano that is painted with flowers that she is playing for her Tim McGraw performance. Something that shocked many fans was when Taylor was seen diving into the stage, which had waves of water projected all around. She was then seen minutes later resurfacing in a completely new and beautiful outfit. This is just one of the many ways Taylor has made this an unforgettable tour for many.