Makers of Weetabix are petitioning to create a brand-new UK county encircling a 50-mile radius from the Weetabix mills in Burton Latimer, stretching to encompass Oxfordshire.

They believe this would serve as a fitting tribute to their 1,100-strong workforce, who use wheat from Weetabixshire to make 11 million Weetabix biscuits every day.

Three, seven foot tall ‘Welcome to Weetabixshire’ signs have been erected in the Northamptonshire town of Burton Latimer, to mark the centre of Weetabixshire, and on the edges of St Neots and Rutland to mark the new proposed county lines.

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Ian Watson, aged 70, who has been working at Burton Latimer Cricket Club for 30 years, shared he has “tremendous pride” after witnessing the installation of the county signs for his newly renamed Weetabixshire Cricket Club and is supportive of the idea.

Weetabix are campaigning to keep the county and hope to gather more signatures in the coming days to support making Weetabixshire a reality. 

Herald Series: Weetabix is campaigning to rename Oxfordshire Weetabix is campaigning to rename Oxfordshire

Lorraine Rothwell, head of brand at Weetabix, said: “We’re proud to say our sourcing is local and facilitated by our network of incredible farmers, who are the backbone of Weetabix, so we wanted to show it off."

The petition to make Weetabixshire a real county can be found on the Weetabix website. 

A total of 100 people pledging their allegiance will be entered into a competition to win a free breakfast on the brand’s website.