A woman has been sentenced after her dog bit a motorcyclist’s arm whilst he was breaking up an argument in Didcot.

Abigail Bednarczyk’s Staffordshire bull terrier-cross only released victim Robert Bennett’s arm when he poked it in the eye, having tried unsuccessfully to strike the animal.

It was only when, later, he removed his heavy biker jacket and a ‘lump of muscle or clot’ came with it that his arm was more badly damaged than he first thought.

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Bednarczyk has since been handed a 17-month jail sentence which is suspended for two years with rehabilitation reviews.

The court ordered for the bull terrier-cross to be destroyed and she has been disqualified from having custody of a dog for 3 years. 

Mr Bennett told jurors at Oxford Crown Court on Thursday, October 5 that he heard Bednarczyk say ‘f***ing get him’ before the animal ran from her front door and attacked him.

That claim was denied by the defendant and not supported by the evidence from an independent eyewitness who saw the horror unfold in Beech Lane, Didcot, on May 6 last year.

Having heard the prosecution open the case against her and listen to the evidence from the victim and a neighbour, Bednarczyk returned to court on Friday October 6 and pleaded guilty to the allegation of being an owner of a dog that caused injury while dangerously out of control.

The plea was entered on the basis of the independent witness’ account, in particular that she did not set the dog on Mr Bennett.

Bednarczyk, of Beech Lane, Didcot, is currently serving a 16 week prison sentence imposed by the magistrates last month for a racially aggravated common assault.

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On October 5, victim Mr Bennett told jurors he had intervened after seeing Bednarczyk step towards his partner during an argument in Beech Lane last May.

The women were neighbours and, although Mr Bennett was known to the defendant, he was difficult to recognise on the day as he was still wearing the motorcycle helmet he had put on to test ride a new bike.

Fearing his partner would receive a ‘slap’, he said he came from behind Bednarczyk, picked her up and carried the woman to her front door. There followed a tussle between them as he tried to close the door and she attempted to get back outside.

Mr Bennett told jurors that the defendant had asked ‘who’s this?’ as he lifted her up. “My words were ‘it’s your worst f***ing nightmare’,” he said.

He was attacked by the dog after he had turned to walk back towards his partner, he said. The animal went for his groin, which Mr Bennett managed to shield with his right arm.

The serious injuries were later sutured by plastic surgery experts at Oxford’s John Radcliffe Hospital, the court heard.