Paul Elliott, known for starring in CBBC's Chucklevision with his late brother Barry Elliott, is said to have ‘contacted’ his sibling’s ghost.

Known as the Chuckle Brothers, they did everything together in the show but since Barry passed away aged 73 in 2018 after being diagnosed with bone cancer, Paul has continued his career solo.

It’s been a few years since Paul (also known as Paul Chuckle) has been without his brother but now it looks like he has made an effort to contact his spirit, LadBible reports.

The TV show Celebrity Help! My House Is Haunted has shared a clip to its YouTube channel showing a first look at Paul trying to connect with his late brother.

The description of the video reads: “Paul Chuckle always feels his late brother Barry is close, but what lurks in the dark is far from a kindred spirit.

“Ian, Barri and Jayne encounter a ghost who likes having the last laugh. They tackle the spirit of a violent criminal betrayed by his lover while investigating the home.”

LadBible explains that dark arts specialist Ian Lawman, paranormal researcher and historian Jayne Harris, and investigator Barri Ghai helped Paul “to get to the bottom of his potential poltergeist problem.”

Watch as Paul Chuckle tries to speak to late brother Barry's spirit

In the show, viewers can expect to see Paul discover that one of the spirits in his home could be Charles Pearce, a local murderer.

Disclaimer: The video below contains offensive language.

The clip shows Paul listening to ghost noises with one sounding like it tells him to “p*** off” in his own home.

This comes after Paul, who lives with his wife Sue, said he has heard some ‘creaks and noises’ and even footsteps when no one else was at his house.

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Handprints have also been found around the bathroom toilet, LadBible reports.

When he woke up once, he thought someone was at the end of his bed and a guest who stayed over thought they had seen the same thing.

He has also recalled feeling his brother's presence before going on stage.

You can see how Paul gets on with communicating with Barry by watching the full episode of Celebrity Help! My House Is Haunted on DiscoveryPlus.

Previous series can be found on Amazon Prime.