Television personality Amanda Holden, who has a home in Chipping Norton, has revealed to actor James Norton her parents will be "starring" in his new drama series for ITV.

Mr Norton, who is known for his roles as Tommy Lee Royce in Happy Valley and Sidney Chambers in Grantchester, is set to lead the cast of Playing Nice for the channel later in 2024.

The series is set in Cornwall and will follow two couples who realise their children were switched at birth and have to deal with the fallout from that.

Mr Norton appeared on Heart Breakfast with Jamie Theakston and Ms Holden to discuss filming for the series, and Holden revealed to him that her parents will 'feature' in it too.

Amanda Holden to 'star' in James Norton's Playing Nice series for ITV

Discussing with Jamie Theakston about production for Playing Nice, Mr Norton said: "We shot that last year in the autumn in Cornwall. It’s the first TV show I'm producing out of my new production company which is quite daunting and a lot of plates to be spinning all at once.

"It's about the two families who find out that their kids were accidentally swapped at birth, [it’s] based on a book by JB Delaney. It's a really wonderful cast and three months in Cornwall…"

To that, Ms Holden replied: "Well, starring in that film alongside you, you wouldn't have known, were my parents because they are supporting artists as a hobby."

Mr Norton was surprised by this fact and asked which scenes they would have been involved with, to which Ms Holden said she wasn't sure and would have to check with them.

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Ms Holden's parents have been featured as background extras in a number of TV shows, including Doc Martin and Poldark among others.

Mr Norton mentioned his parents come along on every job he does and that they've done background extra work as well.

Speaking about his dad, he said: "He was in Happy Valley, every series, his first one was in series one but he turned up and he was meant to be a guy just walking a dog and then Sally Wainwright says ‘actually, I think you could just be a bit of drunk if you have a plastic bag full of beer’…

"He’s not an actor so he's looked at me with terror in his eyes, he spent the lunch time just walking around my trailer practising drunk walk."

Heart Breakfast with Jamie Theakston and Amanda Holden airs weekdays 6am – 10am, and on Global Player.