An Oxfordshire airfield faces a battle for permission over plans to increase its car parking.

The total area of parking proposed measures around 990 metres squared and requires partial removal of existing grass within the field.

Chalgrove Airfield is a former Second World War airfield between Henley and Oxford.

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It is used primarily by the Martin-Baker company for testing ejection seats.

A planning heritage statement for the application says: "The intent is to create a convenient and dedicated space for parking, specifically designed for staff members occupying the hangar building.

Herald Series: Location site.Location site. (Image: South Oxfordshire District Council.)

"The proposed development aligns with the existing site's character, ensuring no adverse effects on the historic landscape.

"Importantly, the proposal will have no adverse impact on the heritage significance of Chalgrove Registered Battlefield or the Grade II listed Hampden Monument."

The total site of the airfield is approximately 250 hectares and the new car park is set to consist of 12 spaces, earmarked for staff.

Chosen material for the parking area surface is a tarmac material designed to allow water absorption into the ground.

Herald Series: Proposed parking.Proposed parking. (Image: South Oxfordshire District Council.)

The parking area would lie west of the hangar building and adjacent to the existing parking area.

Its construction "will not result in the removal of any landscape features that contribute to the interest of the battlefield", according to the application heritage statement.

Chalgrove Airfield is between the B480 and Monument Road and it is accessible through the entrance on Sir James Martin Way.