Fans who tuned in to see a talented art teacher eliminated from The Great Pottery Throwdown one week before the final were left fuming at the 'shocking' decision.

Steven Broughton, 33, a ceramic artist and art and design teacher at Abingdon and Witney College, was eliminated from the Channel 4 show last night.

The show features 12 home potters competing to be crowned best at the wheel.

But after the programme fans vented on the show's Facebook group that they were 'gutted' and there was 'no way' Mr Broughton should not have been selected to 'bid farewell to the pottery studio'.

Herald Series: L-R B-F: Dave, Edward, Andrew, Cadi, Daniel, Princess, Jan, Shani, Sophie, Donna, Steven, Dan

Mr Broughton was eliminated after the decoration he applied to his Victorian toilet was described as 'wishy washy' by judges Rich Miller and Keith Brymer Jones - even though he had excelled in the second plate challenge which he won.

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Fans said although fellow contestant Dave was a nice guy, his 'off centre' toilet which leaked meant he definitely should have gone home this week" instead.

One said: "I must have missed something - there was no way Stephen should have gone."

Another said: "Oh come on! Steven has improved every single episode and Dave has only just scraped through quite a few times. I do like Dave but I really think the choice was wrong this week." 

And another exasperated viewer said: "I just don’t understand what’s going on… several judging decisions this series really haven’t made sense."

"What is the point in the second challenge if you come first in it and still get sent home despite not having a disaster in the main challenge," said another disgruntled fan.

"I love this programme and if it comes back for another series maybe the judges need to be replaced with some new faces."