Oxford West and Abingdon's MP said "residents have been let down" by the government's budget.

Layla Moran said: "Oxfordshire residents have been let down time and time again by this Conservative government, and today’s budget was no different."

Criticising "years of Conservative chaos", she accused the government of not doing enough to address the country's issues.

Herald Series: Jeremy Hunt leaves 11 Downing Street with his ministerial box before delivering his BudgetJeremy Hunt leaves 11 Downing Street with his ministerial box before delivering his Budget (Image: James Manning/PA)

She said: "Every week I hear from local people struggling with the cost of their utility bills, worrying about the price of food, and deeply concerned about the state of public services.

"Years of Conservative chaos, unfair tax rises and now Rishi’s recession have left hard-working people across our local area worse off."

She continued: "But today’s budget will barely touch the sides.

"People know these tax cuts are just a political ploy that will be wiped out with the soaring cost of living."

She claims the relief promised by the Chancellor, Jeremy Hunt, is inadequate, with struggling households and services continuing to bear the brunt.

Mr Hunt described his plans as a "budget for long-term growth."

A 2p reduction in national insurance is aiming to stimulate the economy and is predicted to result in the lowest effective personal tax rate since 1975.

He is optimistic that these measures provide the necessary relief and promote higher growth, leading to more opportunities.

Adjusted thresholds on child benefits, extended fuel duty cuts, and a boost to the Household Support Fund were some of the measures cited as beneficial.

Forecasts on GDP growth from the Office for Budget Responsibility were also highlighted, showing an expected growth of 0.8 per cent in 2024, 1.9 per cent the following year, 2.2 per cent in 2026, and 1.7 per cent in 2029.

Mr Hunt said there would be a one per cent annual increase in public spending during the next parliament, arguing that reducing this funding considering the challenges public services face would be unwise.

He also promised reform within the NHS, planning a £3.4 billion investment to improve outdated IT systems, and an extra £2.5 billion to handle yearly pressures.

The abolition of the non-dom tax system for wealthy foreigners with overseas earnings in favour of a simpler residence-based system is also planned, and lifting the threshold for small enterprises registering for VAT was another policy.

Ms Moran maintains that the only way to achieve real change is a general election.

She said: "Residents across Oxfordshire are simply fed up with empty Conservative promises.

"The only way to achieve the change we need is to send this Conservative government packing from power.

"We need a general election now."