Domino’s is always looking for new ways to stay on top, and its latest creation is a total game-changer.

Called the Cheese Volcano, TikTok has been going wild after clips of the unorthodox pizza started making the rounds on the social media platform.

The 40-centimetre (15.7-inch) wide pizza contains a centrepiece that looks like a volcano rising in the centre, with a ‘magma chamber’ inside the crater filled with cheesy lava.

The appearance has certainly divided foodies.

The cheddar cheese that surrounds the slope of the volcano has a crunchy texture that contrasts with the smooth and melty cheese.

To help promote the new pizza, the chain also released a special video featuring baritone opera singer Teruhiko Komori, the first Japanese singer to perform at the German court, singing “Let’s all Eat the Volcano“.

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Is the volcano pizza available in the UK?

Domino's has over 1,200 stores across the UK and Republic of Ireland.

However, Brits on TikTok that have seen the viral videos will have to wait.

Looking at the company's menu in the UK, the volcano pizza is only available in countries such as Japan and Singapore, it is not available in the UK.

A Dominos spokesperson said: "There aren’t any plans to launch anything similar in the UK".

When will the volcano pizza be coming to the UK?

At this present stage, we cannot be sure when or if at all the volcano pizza will be making it's way over to Blighty.

But who knows, instead of Teruhiko Komori, perhaps one day we might see Aled Jones serenade a pepperoni.