A youth street art project in Wallingford is set to transform an anti-social behaviour hot spot on the banks of the River Thames.

Winterbrook Bridge, beloved by locals for its scenic view, is on the Thames Path and has been a victim of graffiti for some time.

Authorities in Wallingford had identified this as a major area of concern, but a community initiative is now set to change the landscape over the Easter holidays.

Local teenagers will band together with street artist Andrew (Mani) Manson and the TRAIN Youth Project.

The aim is to turn the landmark into a mural and encourage young people to feel a greater sense of community pride and inspire care towards preserving their local spots.

The project, mainly led by local youth support charity TRAIN and the South and Vale Community Safety Partnership, is not just about artwork.

TRAIN will help the participants in maintaining the vibrant mural after its completion, and this support will continue beyond the project, extending to other resources from their new base in Wallingford.

Alex McSweeney, youth work delivery manager at TRAIN, said: "TRAIN are excited to be expanding our youth provision in Wallingford.

"This excellent opportunity with the South and Vale Community Safety Partnership comes at a great time, as we all aim to engage young people with this new and exciting project, giving young people the opportunity to make a mark on the local community."

Street artist Andrew 'Mani' Manson said: "Graffiti is a wonderful and easily accessible artform.

"The original works of the 70s and 80s have laid the groundwork for today’s pieces that can be seen across the county and world."

Cllr David Rouane, leader of South Oxfordshire District Council, added: "Engaging young people in meaningful activities such as street art can be incredibly powerful in helping them to express themselves creatively and build valuable skills and confidence while combating anti-social behaviour and fostering a sense of pride and belonging.

"I’m sure people using that stretch of the river will appreciate the project and look forward to seeing the final design."

In addition to local cooperation, both the Oxfordshire County Council, as the owner of the bridge, and Wallingford Town Council have extended their support to the initiative.