Roadworks caused rush hour misery for commuters this morning.

Contractors from Oxfordshire County Council are resurfacing the B4017 between Steventon and Drayton.

Motorists faced long delays along Abingdon Road and Steventon Hill.

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One rush-hour motorist said their commute had become a "nightmare". 

They said: "I had to drive from Drayton to Milton then Steventon Hill was closed so all the way around to Wantage and down the Hanney Cow Road to work in Steventon.

"It was a nightmare at seven this morning."

Another added: "If it’s a quick process why on earth did the do it at peak time and close all routes at once rather than a rolling closure. The detour round Wantage is a long way round."

Hendreds and Harwell county councillor Sally Povolotsky remarked that the crews were moving reasonably fast.

She said: "They are letting buses and people through in waves by the sounds of it - each section takes 60 to 90 minutes.

"The crew are very nice and polite."