Office staff at Milton Park learned how to make hanging baskets that not only look good but taste good at a special Spring workshop.

The guide to making your own edible hanging baskets had all plants provided, plus expert advice on how to grow a bumper crop of summer vegetables, fruits and herbs.

Led by its Nurture Landscapes team, there was an educational aspect as well as providing the chance for hardworking staff to relax, enjoy themselves and connect with other people on the Park.

Nurture Landscapes manages all the maintenance of the external spaces on the estate, including the roadways, green spaces, drainage systems, biodiversity areas and more.

Its community and engagement initiatives include ‘Meet the Bees’, hanging basket workshops, ‘Gardeners’ Question Time’ and others which attract up to 200 people.

It started working with Milton Park in 2010 and installed the Park’s first two beehives in 2012.

Milton Park now has a total of six hives along with insect habitat hotels, bird and bat boxes and duck islands with plans to increase this number in the coming years.