Last weekend sure was a hot one.

After months of cold and wet weather, it seems we've finally turned a corner and warmer times are ahead. This can signal only one thing...barbecues.

But with the ongoing cost of living crisis, and BBQ staples such as meat, cheese and pre-prepared salads all costing more than they would have done a year ago, savvy shoppers are seeking ways to stretch their shopping budgets further. has done the maths, helping BBQ enthusiasts get the most bangers for their buck this summer.

By comparing the prices of traditional BBQ items - including burgers, buns, sausages, hotdogs, salad, cheese, and even condiments - they’ve ranked the cost-effectiveness of UK supermarkets from most to least expensive. 


Average price per person: 1.17

Average total price: 6.55

Aldi, unsurprisingly, won. A firmly established choice for bargain hunters. With an average price of just £1.54 per head, those looking to feed the troops while watching the pennies can’t go wrong with opting for the German budget retailer this summer.

Alongside many other inexpensive BBQ items, Aldi boasts sausages at just 16p each and burger buns priced at 18p a piece.

With affordability on its side, Aldi ensures that shoppers can delight their friends and monitor their finances this summer.


Average price per person: 1.28

Average total price: 6.71

When it comes to budget-friendly BBQs, Tesco came second. They offer some of the lowest prices on BBQ essentials, with an average price of just £1.49 per person.

BusinessNameGenerator’s research has also found that burgers work out at just 65p per patty, and cheese slices at an impressive 6p each.

These cost-effective offerings mean you can enjoy a mouth-watering BBQ this summer, without breaking the bank.

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Average price per person: ₤1.62

Average total price: ₤8.81

Securing the third spot is Morrisons, with an average price of £1.62 per person. With a range of affordable BBQ essentials, with deals such as 90p ketchup bottles and 89p burger bun six packs, they prove that a fun-filled summer day out doesn’t have to cost a small fortune. 

Asda and Sainsbury’s

Average price per person (both): ₤1.77

Average total price (Sainsbury’s): ₤9.40

Average total price (Asda): ₤9.55

In joint-fourth place, Asda and Sainsbury’s round out the lineup with average prices of just £1.77 per person. While their per-person cost is around the same, the total price for an Asda BBQ shop comes up slightly higher than one at Sainsbury's.

Although these two supermarkets are slightly pricier than their counterparts, both have tasty and affordable BBQ offerings, ensuring that no one misses out on the summertime fun.