Free to access period products are set to be made available to those facing period poverty as part of a trial to be approved by Oxfordshire County Council’s cabinet next week.

The scheme proposes to provide period products in 18 libraries and eight children and family centres across Oxfordshire on a trial basis.

Lorna Baxter, executive director of resources at the council, said: "During the cost of living crisis, residents have been forced to make difficult decisions about which essentials they can buy.

"We know that in 2023, Action Aid found that 21 per cent were struggling to afford period products – an increase of nearly 10 per cent in just a year.

"This is a trend that is even higher among younger age groups."

She added: "No doubt it is very distressing for those experiencing period poverty but it can also pose a real health risk.

"This is why it’s so important that we make it easier for everyone who needs them to access period products.

"Being able to access period products at school, work or in a public place free of charge could be the difference for some between staying at home or being able to go to school, work, exercise, socialise and more."

If approved, the scheme will provide the products to anyone who needs them in larger libraries, libraries serving priority areas of deprivation, children and family centres, and for council employees in larger council offices.