A French restaurant has been handed a new food hygiene rating following an inspection.

The French Horn Hotel, based in Sonning Eye in south Oxfordshire has been handed a hygiene rating of three stars following an inspection on Wednesday, May 8, the Food Standards Agency website shows. 

A three-star rating means food hygiene is deemed to be 'generally satisfactory' at the eatery which is based in the village on the Oxfordshire border near Reading. 

It means that of South Oxfordshire's 283 restaurants, cafes and canteens with ratings, 149, which equates to 53 per cent, have ratings of five and just one has a zero rating.

Each inspection grades hygienic food handling, management of food safety and cleanliness and condition of facilities and building.

Businesses given low ratings are told what specific improvements are needed to improve hygiene standards.

The council's environmental health team is in charge of inspecting and rating hospitality venues on a zero to five scale with zero being the lowest score and five the highest.

The hygienic food handling was the contributing factor to the pub's low rating.

To get the top rating, businesses must do well in all three elements which are referenced above. If the top rating is not given, the officer will explain to the business the necessary actions they can take to improve their hygiene rating.

Ratings can be displayed in an obvious location within the business’ window or door.