McVitie's has announced the upcoming release of a new flavour of Digestives which is a collaboration between two of the brand's "best loved biscuits".

The British snack food brand is known for popular products including Penguins, Jaffa Cakes, Hobnobs and Digestives.

Digestives, which date back to 1892, already come in a variety of different flavours including milk, dark and white chocolate - which proved a huge hit among fans upon its launch last summer.

McVitie's to release new chocolate Digestives

Now McVitie's has revealed it is set to release a new Digestives flavour which brings together two of the brand's "best loved biscuits".

The McVitie’s Gold Chocolate Digestives will be available in the UK from July.

It combines McVitie's Gold Bar with the brand's classic Digestives.

The new biscuit is described as an "irresistible innovation" and will feature a golden caramel flavour mixed with a sweet and salty Digestive biscuit.

McVitie's said: "This unexpected and exciting brand partnership brings biscuit-lovers across the nation a truly original taste experience that stands out from the crowd, and the biscuit aisle.

"(It will) offer an indulgent little pick-me-up that will make you feel like you’ve hit the jackpot with every bite."

Discontinued UK sweets and chocolates

Chief Marketing Officer at pladis UK&I, Aslı Özen Turhan, added: “We’re always listening out for what new snacks our loyal fanbase are requesting, and this is one request we couldn’t resist fulfilling.

"Gold Digestives are certainly one of our most eagerly awaited launches of the year, one which brings together two of our most popular brands to create a truly unique addition to the McVitie’s family.

"We can’t wait to hear what our biscuit fans far and wide think of this winning combination.”


When and where to buy new McVitie’s Gold Chocolate Digestives

McVitie’s Gold Chocolate Digestives will be available in Sainsbury’s from July 7.

The new Digestives will then begin rolling out in other UK supermarkets - including Tesco, Asda, Morrisons, Waitrose and Co-op - and stores soon after.

McVitie’s Gold Digestives have a recommended retail price (RRP) of £1.89 (for a pack of 15 biscuits).