Actress Florence Pugh has revealed she is “tiptoeing” towards directing and producing films during a Q&A at Glastonbury Festival.

The Oxford-born actress, 28, whose father is restaurant proprietor and anti-LTN campaigner Clinton Pugh, said she is “in the process of learning” the craft.

During a Dune: Part Two Q&A, the Midsommar actor said: “That’s definitely been something that I accidentally gravitated towards.

“I think when you know that you like things a certain way, you do that naturally, whether it’s to do with your character or maybe how things could be changed in a scene and I’m definitely someone that would love to do that.

Florence reflected on her next career move in a Q&A (Image: Hannah Roberts/PA)

“I do however think that being a director and being a producer requires a lot of education.

“And I really want to do it when I know and I’ve learned enough.

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“I’m tiptoeing but, that’s the process, I really don’t want to cut corners. I want to make sure that I’m learning properly.”

The Hollywood star, who revealed she was attending Glastonbury for the first time, reflected on her next career move.

She said: “I just finished my second Marvel movie (Thunderbolts), which was pretty huge, I literally wrapped like five days ago. But that was amazing.

“What’s next? I think it’s a tiny bit of a break.

"I think I need to do some dancing and I need to do some hugging with friends and I just need to enjoy."

She added: “My dad always says ‘make sure you make time to smell the roses’ and I’m very bad at that.

“This is my time to smell the roses."