Jeremy Clarkson offered almost £1m within minutes of meeting a landlady to buy her pub, it has been reported.

Earlier this month, it was announced that Mr Clarkson had bought the Windmill pub which is nestled in five acres of countryside near Burford.

The former Top Gear presenter is said to have bought the freehold to it and the pub is believed to not be tied to a brewery.

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It has therefore been suggested that he would sell his own beer as well as produce from Diddly Squat Farm which is located around 10 miles away in Chadlington.

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Formerly a wedding and banqueting venue set, the pub is expected to be majorly renovated and take on a new name.

Mr Clarkson has hinted at progress in a social media post stating: "New pub coming along. Only the water, gas, lavatories, staff and electrics to sort and we'll be ready to go."

According to Mail Online, Mr Clarkson was "so intent" on taking pub that he put forward an offer of "almost £1 million" within moments of meeting the owner.

Previous reports claimed that the Clarkson’s Farm star paid “less than £1 million” for The Windmill.

Jackie Walker, 79, who opened the pub in 1983, is said to have opened the pub in 1983 with her late husband Alan Walker.

It is understood that Ms Walker has not put the pub on the market but found out of Mr Clarkson’s interest when his film crew arrived at the boozer.

She was reportedly invited to meet the 64-year-old at his home in a nearby village to negotiate a possible deal.

Ms Walker said: "The first thing Jeremy said to me was I suppose you want a lot of money for this."

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The TV star is believed to have made an immediate offer that was much higher than Ms Walker was expecting and she is said to have accepted immediately.

He is said to have made her an immediate offer that was much more than she had expected and she accepted immediately.

She described Mr Clarkson and his partner Lisa Hogan as "charming," adding that she "really liked them".

The former pub owner said: "I had not been planning to sell the place, but I wasn't that happy with how it was being run and I am not getting any younger."

Ms Walker said that she took a step back from day-to-day running of the pub after when her husband Alan died, aged 73, in 2013.

She added that she assumed Mr Clarkson won’t make a TV series out of the hit but did say she hopes he can make a “big success of the place”.