Oxfordshire's highways chief was subjected to shouting in a very heated meeting where he was also called "arrogant" and "condescending" by a fellow councillor.

Cabinet member for transport management Andrew Gant was instructed to "sit down" in a stern tone by meeting chairman Alison Rooke after he tried to defend himself against the allegations.

This comes as politicians across parties in the county attended the latest full county council meeting which included a Labour motion calling on the current Liberal Democrat leader to be removed.

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Labour councillor Imade Edosomwan took the opportunity to also criticise Mr Gant and went so far as to say he spoke to residents in a "condescending" and "arrogant" way, in relation to controversial transport policies.

Mr Gant insisted on replying to the comment despite constitutional rules not permitting this.

Mr Gant defends himself.Mr Gant defends himself. (Image: Oxfordshire County Council.)

He said: "I was just accused of a certain manner.

"Can I ask whether councillor Edosomwan has ever actually been at a residents' meeting that I've been at?

"Can I ask if he has actually emailed me once about transport policy?

"Answer is no he hasn't."

The chairman repeatedly asked Mr Gant to stop as did other members of the chamber who heckled him to sit down.

Chairman Alison Rooke shouts at Mr Gant.Chairman Alison Rooke shouts at Mr Gant. (Image: Oxfordshire County Council.)

Eventually Ms Rookes sternly shouted for him to "sit down" which put an end to the debate.

Mr Gant was not the only councillor embroiled in a heated discussion at the meeting.

The motion which caused the tension was put forward by the Labour group, specifically councillor Liz Brighouse, which called on the council leader Liz Leffman to resign.

Ms Brighouse said among the shortcomings of the current Lib Dem-Green-led council were its failure to "keep members and parents abreast of its improvements to its SEND (Special Educational Needs) provision" as well as its "perceived conflict of interest on the lease of 'the Triangle' to Oxford United FC".

Liz Brighouse.Liz Brighouse. (Image: Oxfordshire County Council.)

But the Conservatives, as well as the Green and Lib Dem councillors, pointed out it had not been long ago that the Labour group itself had also been a part of the coalition's "rainbow alliance".

Ms Brighouse was subject to personal criticism from fellow councillors and eventually left the meeting after the motion was discussed, never to return.

Speaking at the meeting, she said: "The leader launched straight into a personal attack.

"I feel I have been slandered."

This comes as Ms Brighouse was accused of being "hypocritical" for criticising the council for SEND as she had previously held the related cabinet position before a damning Ofsted report rated the county's provision 'inadequate'.

Liz Leffman.Liz Leffman. (Image: Oxfordshire County Council.)

The motion failed to pass in the end as 12 councillors voted for it, 16 abstained and 19 voted against.

Leader of the Conservatives on the county council, Eddie Reeves, said: "I’ve spent three long years opposing this administration and its decisions but I hope they’ll always accept I’ve done it in good faith.

"I am not going to plunge this administration into chaos.

"Councillor Brighouse has no plan as to what is next if this motion passes.

"This is a vain attempt to seek revenge on councillor Leffman."