Sow sweet peas outdoors in their flowering position, except in very cold areas Clear weeds from around the base of established hedges and cut back overgrown deciduous hedges Prune all shrubs, such as winter-flowering viburnums, which have finished flowering, if necessary Check electrical equipment is in full working order before the busy spring season If you have started to sow short rows of radish, thin the seedlings before they become overcrowded, or they will produce all leaf Sow round-seeded varieties of peas such as Feltham First or Meteor under cloches As weather conditions improve, frames containing seedlings and cuttings from autumn should be ventilated to harden them off Continue to sow early vegetable crops, including carrots, spring onions and lettuce in cold frames or under cloches Several large-flowered clematis hybrids can be pruned by shortening long shoots down to a pair of swelling leaf buds Clip wall-trained ivy, pulling it back from windows and gutters. Completely clip back straggly and battered old foliage Order summer-flowering bulbs, corms and tubers, including dahlias, ranunculus and freesias.