A CAR was wrecked by a raging fire near Bicester after a driver crashed down the verge of an icy M40 slip road.

Firefighters were called out just after 4.30am on Sunday morning to the southbound entry slip road onto the M40, at junction 9 (Wendlebury). 

The driver had veered off the slippery road and rolled down a steep embankment, and managed to escape before the car burst into flames.

Police closed the road so firefighters could make the scene safe, but it is not clear if the driver was injured. 

Images show the scorched remains of the car as crews hosed down the last flames.

Herald Series:

A statement issued by Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue Service stated: "Fire crews were confronted by a well-established fire in a car, that had slid of the main entry slip road, and slid down the embankment.

"The driver was fortunate to have left the vehicle, which had slipped on the icy road before the vehicle caught fire, and was in the care of the ambulance service."

Three fire crews from Bicester, Slade Park and Thame fire stations attended the scene, working alongside Thames Valley Police and South Central Ambulance Service. 

Firefighters left at about 5.45am, leaving highways to deal with recovery. 

The fire service has now issued a safety warning about driving in icy conditions, stating: "It takes at least 10 times longer to stop on icy roads, making it one of the most hazardous driving conditions."

It issued the following tips for driving during icy weather: 

- Use the highest gear possible to avoid wheel spin

- Manoeuvre gently, avoiding harsh braking and acceleration

- To brake on ice or snow without locking your wheels, get into a low gear earlier than normal, allow your speed to fall and use the brake pedal gently

- If you start to skid, ease off the accelerator, but do not brake suddenly