LEGLESS lizards are to be rounded with special ‘reptile exclusion fencing’ after they made some new homes on a construction site.

Bellway Homes was forced to submit a second reptile mitigation strategy for land at Crowell Road, Chinnor, after its consultants suggested slow worms may have occupied archaeological spoil heaps.

Experts have now proposed putting up slow worm-proof-fencing around the spoil heaps then trying to catch the reptiles inside.

In its new submission to South Oxfordshire District Council, an expert at Bellway’s planning agents James Blake wrote: “It is intended to erect new temporary reptile exclusion fencing around the spoil heaps, capture any populations of reptiles using these areas and translocate them out of the fenced areas into retained areas of suitable reptile habitat around the site margins.

“This will ensure that the local status of the reptile population is maintained.

“A temporary reptile exclusion fence will be erected and maintained throughout the site clearance and construction period to ensure that reptiles do not re-colonise the construction site.”

The associates also told the council that if a single great crested newt was found at any point, ‘all further activity on the site will cease immediately’ and Natural England would be notified.

Bellway is building 120 homes at the site.