A FAMILY has become so frustrated with the amount of dog poo near their school they have taken matters into their own hands.

Mum Kimmy Belton and her children, six-year-old Emily and nine-year-old Joe, have devised a campaign to encourage dog owners to be more responsible and clean up after their pets.

The Northbourne School students in Didcot were forced to act after their walk to school was blighted by the ‘disgusting’ state of the pavements.

Ms Belton, 40, said: “One day we basically had to hop to school.

“It is hard enough to get the kids up and ready in the mornings on time without constantly having to look where you are walking.

“It’s so irresponsible that people should do that.

“It is not just an odd bit, it is everywhere, it is unbelievable how much we have come across.”

Posters designed by Emily and Joe have been attached to trees and lampposts along with a handy supply of poop bags so pet owners have no excuse.

Ms Belton said the campaign has turned her children into mini detectives.

The hairdresser said: “Every time we are out now, they are watching people and cheer if they pick up after their dog.

“Emily is constantly looking out of the window at home.

“We haven’t caught anyone red-handed yet so we think it is happening at night when we’ve gone to bed or early in the morning and people think they can get away with it.”

After the poster designs were shared on Facebook, the Beltons were inundated with requests for copies and are now hoping to expand the reach of the campaign beyond their street.

The bags have been disappearing and the family has been travelling around to replenish the stock amidst fears that some may have blown away in high winds.

Ms Belton hopes that dog owners will take notice, particularly because the campaign has been devised by her children.

She said: “It was Joe’s idea because he saw how cheesed off I was getting.

“Hopefully it will bring it home to some people.”