A SMALL village in South Oxfordshire is ‘under threat again’ after yet another developer unveiled plans to build houses there.

Residents of East Hagbourne have raised objections over a proposed new development of 78 homes on land east of the village, next to the Blewbury Road.

Developer Orchestra said the new development will contain 40 per cent affordable housing and would be a ‘natural extension’ of the village, benefitting and improving the local community.

But residents fear the area is being over-developed, placing a strain on resources, and have raised traffic and flooding concerns.

In a response to a planning application lodged for the site, East Hagbourne Parish Council said it had ‘strong objections’.

It said the only access point to the development would be on a sharp bend of a busy B road which is ‘totally inadequate’ for the number of new homes proposed.

It added that the area is prone to flooding and this ‘precarious situation’ could be made significantly worse by the development.

Last autumn plans for 74 new homes were given planning permission on land close to Hagbourne Church of England Primary School in Main Road.

Michelle Marriott, chairwoman of the committee which runs East Hagbourne Pre-School, believes this development would add 20 per cent to the population of the village – already over the recommended amount.

She wrote: “We do not understand how another 78 houses is reasonable or sensible or at all fair to the people of East Hagbourne.

“Most of our children are villagers and therefore walk to school each day.

“The narrow roads and pathways often make it a dangerous journey with the speed that traffic moves through our village.

“More houses increases this risk and it will only be a matter of time before something terrible happens.”

A master plan prepared for the site by Umaa architecture concluded that the flood risk was low and the homes will bring benefits to the village ‘far outweighing’ any potential impacts.

A consultation on the plans is currently taking place.