THREE men involved in the kidnap of a woman in a row over an apparent drugs debt have been jailed.

Ben Mitchell, 25, of Venners Water, Didcot admitted one count of kidnapping as well as five counts of being concerned in making an offer to supply drugs.

Jonathan Mitchell, 30, of Chester Road, Liverpool, admitted one count of witness intimidation, and Davy Herron, 21, of Abbott Road, Didcot, admitted two counts of being concerned in making an offer to supply drugs.

At their sentencing hearing yesterday, Oxford Crown Court heard the ringleader in the kidnap, Ben Mitchell, had come to believe that an acquaintance had taken drugs from the group.

In seeming retaliation the trio turned up at the man’s Didcot flat at 4am on August 19 only to find his partner there alone.

The court heard the woman was grabbed from her bed and taken in a car while being threatened over the apparent debt.

Spooked by a police car which passed by, the men fled the car and the woman was later telephoned by Jonathan Mitchell, who told her ‘you know you are dead now.’

After arresting the men, police discovered evidence of drug dealing and the men were later charged in connection with the enterprise.

In a personal statement, the victim said that she had been ‘terrified’ during the ordeal and that she since suffered post traumatic stress disorder.

For leading the kidnap and for drugs offences Ben Mitchell was jailed for four years. Jonathan Mitchell was jailed for 16 months for witness intimidation and Herron for three years for dealing.