MUD from a development site that has been left strewn over a busy road is ‘an accident or death waiting to happen’, according to motorists.

Scooter driver Janet Humphrey, 49, said she skidded in the ‘hazardous’ conditions and was convinced she was about to end up ‘underneath an HGV.’

She is calling for vehicles leaving the Bovis Homes site off the A4130 in Didcot to be cleaned before entering public roads after a number of other near misses.

The developer is currently building 74 properties on the site in Hadden Hill, near Tesco.

It is understood to be transporting tonnes of earth to raise the ground by a metre before construction commences.

But this is resulting in mud from dozens of trucks appearing on the road near the site entrance.

The company is attempting to sweep up the dirt and has now put up signs warning of a slippery road ahead but Ms Humphrey still feels not enough is being done.

She said: “It is very hazardous, especially for cyclists and motorbikes but even a car could have problems.

“I went through it and my wheels couldn’t get a grip on the road at all.

“I thought I would end up under the wheels of the HGV behind me.

“How I managed to keep upright, I don’t know.

“I was very, very scared.

“Less than a week later the same thing happened again.”

After being made aware of the issue, Bovis Homes is monitoring the situation.

But Ms Humphrey, who uses the road daily to commute from her home in Ladygrove to her office in Crowmarsh Gifford, said she didn’t feel the company’s response has been satisfactory.

She wants trucks’ wheels to be washed on-site, as is the case with many other nearby developments.

She added: “You would have to have someone out there sweeping all the time and when it has dried or frozen, you are not going to be able to clear it.

“All it would take is wheels being hosed off before they leave.

“This is a main road that is being used by hundreds of vehicles every hour including parents taking their children to school.

“I know it is there now so can prepare for it but if someone doesn’t know, it is potentially a catastrophe.”

A spokeswoman for Bovis Homes said: “The construction of new homes does inevitably lead to some temporary disruption, especially with the current weather conditions, however our site team is working to minimise this.

“Our regional team has been in direct contact with the local resident to outline the work we are doing to mitigate the problem.

“We understand the importance of ensuring roads are kept clean during this time which is why road cleaners are now operational throughout the day.”