A VILLAGE'S eight year fight to get connected to superfast broadband looks finally to be over after a cabinet was turned on.

Residents of West Hagbourne, near Didcot, are now enjoying higher speed broadband after their plight was highlighted in the Oxford Mail.

Parish councillor Hugh Lewis said most of the households do have faster broadband now but complained of further issues during the transition.

Many lost phone or broadband connection and could only resolve the problems by spending a lot of time on the phone with BT, according to Mr Lewis.

Villagers first started campaigning for better broadband in 2010 and had almost given up hope when the cabinet to connect them to the latest fibre optic technology was put in last year.

But the box sat idle for more than nine months and frustrated villagers compared their battle to being sat on a delayed train where other villages were prioritised ahead of them.

They were having to source a connection from nearby Upton which struggled to load web pages and streaming services.

Openreach admitted the installation had been a 'complex process' but this has now been completed.

Last month Better Broadband for Oxfordshire announced 74,000 homes and businesses have now been connected.