A COMMEMORATIVE treat inspired by Didcot's railway history has been created.

The town's Asda store used hundreds of pieces of chocolate to build a steam train coming in to the station in the Oxfordshire town.

The model, which has since been eaten, used biscuits for wheels, dolly mixture for coal and chocolate coins for a chimney.

It was constructed to celebrate the history of the Didcot Railway Centre and the Great Western Railway which has linked London with the South West via Oxfordshire since 1833.

The supermarket said the 'masterpiece' was created using waste sample products from its Christmas collection.

Asda Didcot, located at Great Western Park, opened earlier this year to serve the needs of the new estate.

Michael Powell, the store's manager, said “We wanted to create something truly magical this Christmas to celebrate the arrival of Asda in Didcot.

“We wanted to create something that celebrates the history of Didcot, and means something to people in the town of all ages.

“The town is well known for its history with the Great Western Railway, and a model train track is a classic Christmas toy, meaning that a festive chocolate model railway was the perfect fit."