OXFORDSHIRE Animal Sanctuary has put out an urgent appeal for towels and blankets.

In the coldest, wettest and muddiest part of the year, the centre said it was running out of ways to keep its dogs warm and dry.

In an appeal on Facebook the sanctuary said: "As the weather gets colder and wetter and the ground gets muddier - we're running incredibly low on towels and blankets at the sanctuary.

"We really need your help.

"Have you got any spare blankets or towels you can spare so our animals can keep dry and warm?

"We're still stocked on duvets from your generosity just before Christmas, so please do not to bring duvets to the shops."

The centre, which is currently home to 53 dogs, 62 cats, 14 rabbits, a horse, a pony and five goats, is also in the middle of a £150,000 fundraising drive to build several new kennels.

See oxfordshireanimalsanctuary.org.uk