A HUGE crane has been used to heave part of the roof off Wallingford train station as part of a massive renovation.

The Cholsey and Wallingford Railway Preservation Society says it was given one of the largest grants ever awarded by the Railway Heritage Trust to refurbish the station.

Specifically the organisation is repairing the historic platform canopy which was originally at Maidenhead station and was built during the Burnel era of the Great Western Railway.

The canopy was erected in the 1880s but is thought to have been moved from another local station where it may have been installed under the supervision of Brunel himself.

It certainly originally saw Broad Gauge engines passing beneath it.

The restoration works, being undertaken by McCurdy’s, began at the end of the January and involved the enormous crane in the station car park.

The canopy is now off and is being repaired, with the aim to have it fully assembled later this year or early 2019.

Anyone interested to see the work up-close is welcome to go to Wallingford Station on any Saturday.