A GANG of thieves hauled a cash machine through the front doors of a Co-op using a Jeep in a daring raid just before midnight last night.

Thames Valley Police revealed this morning that burglars gained entry to the Co-op in Savile Way, Grove, by prising open the metal shutter on the front of the store at 11.40pm last night.

One man then slid underneath the shutter and tied a chain around the ATM machine inside.

Herald Series:

A photo inside the Co-op today of repairmen beginning to fix the broken doors.

Attaching the other end to their Jeep Cherokee, the gang then hauled the machine straight out the front of the shop and, it is believed, loaded it into the boot then drove off.

Police said three men also wearing hoodies were seen walking from the scene to another vehicle that was parked around the corner.
The force asked for anyone with any information about the theft to call 101 and quote reference 43180008886.

Herald Series:

The force said: "We are especially appealing for anyone with any details about the second vehicle that was parked around the corner from the Co-op."

Grove resident Jim Hetherington said: "I walked down there this morning and all the doors were smashed and the cash machine is gone from inside. They were having to replace the doors now - it looked like they ram-raided the place."