ED VAIZEY has called on his political colleagues to push tech giants into better self-regulation.

The Wantage MP wants to see the Government create rules to force social media sites into using technology to detect and delete inappropriate content.

Speaking on BBC' Radio 4's Today programme on Saturday, he said: "There are technological solutions but there needs to be regulatory backstop behind it.

"The technology exists but politicians and policy-makers shouldn't shy away from introducing regulations to make sure they introduce that technology."

He said politicians should not be 'frightened' of discussing the issue with tech companies.

His comments came after a landmark legal case resulted in Facebook compensating a 14-year-old girl, after nude images of her appeared on a revenge porn page.

Social media giants such as Facebook and YouTube have been criticised in the past for failing to take down inappropriate content.

Mr Vaizey, former minister of state for culture, communications and creative industries, told the programme: "We need legalisation to combat these new issues.

"More and more people are talking about the fact that social media companies have to take responsibility, and if not there should be legislation and certainly recourse through the courts."

Matthew Barber, Vale of White Horse District Council leader, said he presented a 'strong argument'.

The Government is currently developing a digital charter to tackle internet safety issues.