DEVELOPERS are disregarding existing residents in their plans for new homes, a campaign leader has warned.

Julie Mabberley of the Wantage and Grove Campaign Group has highlighted four major developments in the area.

Firstly she hit out at London developer St Modwen, which is overseeing the creation of a 1,500-home estate at Crab Hill in Wantage, for proposing a community hall big enough for more than 200 people but parking spaces for less than 70 cars.

She also said a Bloor Homes plan for 150 homes at King Alfred's school East Site in Wantage still only had a quarter of the recommended visitor parking spaces, while Persimmon's plans for a 2,500-home estate at Grove Airfield had a 'boring grid layout, nowhere near as interesting as the rest of Grove'.

Another development in East Challow has been allowed a staggered road junction rather than the roundabout previously agreed.