Jeremy Corbyn has been targeted in his own back yard by a campaign urging him to back a second referendum to avoid colluding with Theresa May.

Youth group Our Future Our Choice (OFOC), led by a Labour and Momentum member, have paid for a wraparound advert on one of Mr Corbyn’s local papers in north London.

The cover of Friday’s Islington Tribune features the faces of 130 young supporters, activists and members of the Labour Party calling for a public vote on Brexit.

In an open letter to Mr Corbyn on the inside of the cover, they warn the Labour leader he cannot get the general election he wants.

This, it says, leaves a choice: “Either collude with the Tories to pass a second-rate deal that saves Theresa May’s premiership, or we can support a public vote on Brexit.”

OFOC activist Cathleen Clarke organised the letter.

The Labour and Momentum member said: “Jeremy Corbyn has a choice. He can allow a Tory Brexit deal to pass, by supporting it directly or letting his MPs vote for it, or he can back a public vote.

“Young people, particularly young Labour activists, members, and supporters, desperately want him to do the latter, and that’s why we took the step to get a message directly to him through his local newspaper.”

Labour, like the Conservatives, are bitterly divided over Brexit and many of Mr Corbyn’s party backbenchers support a new vote.

The party agreed at conference in September to back a new referendum but only if it failed to get a general election that would allow it to seek a better deal than that won by Mrs May and defeated by MPs on Tuesday.

Other opposition benches, including the Liberal Democrats and the SNP, have called on Labour to support their proposal for a second referendum.