Renowned publisher, The Rough Guide, and Marie Curie have teamed up to create the UK's first-ever guidebook for the "end-of-life journey".

The Rough Guide To The End Of Life aims to provide practical advice for people to ensure they have access to the right care and support. 

The Marie Curie charity said this was extremely important as research suggested most people are not well-informed about the subject.

In her foreword, Marie Curie chief medical officer Dr Sarah Holmes said the free book should help people “prepare for whatever’s around the corner”.

The UK's first-ever guidebook for people's end-of-life journey

The Rough Guides publisher Dr Holmes is well-known for its travel manuals but is also a palliative care doctor.

Dr Holmes said: “Like any journey, life eventually comes to an end – for all of us. It’s something we know in our hearts, even though it can be hard to think and talk about.”

Marie Curie said is “committed to ensuring the best end-of-life journey for all" and in the downloadable guide aims to help people with planning – ranging from making a will and funeral preferences to what to do with social media and online accounts after someone’s death.

It also includes information on advance care planning, pain management and do not attempt cardiopulmonary resuscitation (DNACPR) decisions.

Chief innovation, income and engagement officer at Marie Curie, Maria Novell, said: “The Rough Guide To The End Of Life is a physical demonstration of the support and guidance we provide for many people and families.

“We hope it becomes an invaluable family resource that shows people who are affected by any terminal illness that we’re there for them.

“By being better prepared and knowing how to access the right care and support services, whether for you or a loved one, will help improve a person’s chance of having a good end-of-life experience.”

Herald Series: The Rough Guide and Marie Curie have combined to come up with this new guide to the end-of-life journey.The Rough Guide and Marie Curie have combined to come up with this new guide to the end-of-life journey. (Image: Mikael Buck/Marie Curie/PA Wire)

Marie Curie said a recent poll by Opinion Matters suggested many people lack knowledge on the end-of-life topic and how it all worked.

Around 38% of people surveyed said they do not know what support and services are currently available in the UK, while half said they had given little thought to planning ahead if they were to receive a terminal diagnosis.

Dr Holmes said: “The uncertainty can be what’s truly scary. And when we have a chance to understand what may be down the road, to talk about our fears and discuss our questions with people who can help, the relief can be huge.”

Senior editor at Rough Guides, Kate Drynan, added: “Our guides have supported millions of travellers over the decades, but we could not think of a more important journey than helping people to navigate their final chapter of life.

“We are proud to have partnered with Marie Curie on this important campaign and hope the first The Rough Guide To The End Of Life gives support to many.”