Fans of Michael McIntyre's Big Show on BBC One have been left "shocked" after discovering the comedy programme's big behind-the-scenes-secret.

The Variety show, which features stand-up comedy and celebrity guests, is well known for its many segments including Midnight Gameshow.

This part of the show sees the comedian barge into the homes of unsuspecting celebrities in the middle of the night to ask them a series of quiz questions.

One such celebrity featured on this Midnight Gameshow was The Chase presenter Bradley Walsh who met German ski racer Fanny Chmelar.

Michael McIntyre's Big Show fans 'shocked' to learn the secret behind Midnight Gameshow

However, fans of Michael McIntyre's BBC show were "shocked" to learn the truth behind how the show is made. Rather than the segments being filmed for specific episodes, the segments are cut and edited into whatever episode the producers feel will work best.

Viewers began noticing this after TV Zone on X, formally known as Twitter, informed fans: "Yet more changes to this weekend’s #BigShow episode. This weekend’s Send To All is with Joe Lycett, not Anne-Marie as billed."

The page then shared another post by Super TV which said: "Have just discovered that Michael McIntyre’s #BigShow isn’t ONE same show every weekend, but actually every single show is chopped up and edited together at seemingly random? Why would they do that?! Michael has to wear the exact same clothes every single time he films?"

One user responded by complaining about the programme's 'over-editing', saying: "Everything is over-edited and overproduced nowadays. They just can't handle the unexpected."

Another person agreed, commenting: "Yep…when I went we had to sit through a re-recording of a star of the show from the week before due to it not being filmed correctly!"

A third said: "Not going to lie, I didn’t know this either and surely it would make more hassle when it comes to editing it? Although tbf there’s bound to be some sort of logical reason because I doubt they’d make things more difficult for themselves than necessary."