THIS week we saw the Government delivering their Budget.

It was all very modest stuff.

There was more money promised for potholes than for schools and the police, and even then not enough to go anywhere near fixing all of Oxfordshire’s dire roads, never mind the whole country’s.

My highlight was mention of East-West rail between Oxford & Cambridge which I agree needs to be a priority.

The gauntlet was thrown down for high streets which we know is a major concern for many. I continue to fight for measures to make a real difference to Abingdon town centre.

Growth remains stubbornly low, set to remain below two per cent in the next five years.

As Brexit weighs down on the economy, the big problems still need to be tackled, yet this was a sticking plaster Budget, when major surgery lies ahead.

If we are to see an end to austerity as the Prime Minister claims, the Government must give a proper injection of cash into our public services.

The Resolution Foundation warns that day-to-day spending will still face real-terms cuts of three per cent per person by 2023. The Chancellor said he could end austerity without raising taxes, but that is highly unlikely.

Equally worrying is that the damaging impact Brexit will have on the UK’s public finances could reach £80 billion a year in the event of no deal. In that scenario, this sideshow Budget would have to be ripped up and fresh fag packet found.

Instead of short-term gimmicks what we need now is vision, renewal and a way to reboot our damaged economy. If this had been a Liberal Democrat budget we would have focused on three priorities.

Firstly, demanding that people get the final say on the Brexit deal: an Exit from Brexit will boost growth, wages, business investment and tax revenues. Secondly, fixing our broken tax system to help businesses invest, fund our public services, and ensure the very wealthiest and businesses pay their fair share. And finally, investing in our communities by reversing school cuts, putting more police on the streets and fully funding Universal Credit so everyone gets the support they need.

Promises that austerity is over shouldn’t be made lightly in an attempt to sell short-term policies designed to buy cheap headlines. Instead of populism and burying their head in the sand over the economic effects of Brexit, the Government must focus on the long-term best interests of the economy. We need a society based on fairness and opportunity to all, in which everyone is able to fulfil their potential - sadly this budget won't help to create one.