Here in Wallingford, we have an unrivalled range of independent shops to choose from.

We even have a Fair Trade and organic shop which has a large range of goods to offer, from dried goods, chocolate, clothes and gifts to an eco-friendly refill station for all your laundry, washing up and bathroom needs.

If we don’t all go shopping at the same time, i.e. Friday and Saturday, there is plenty of parking.

Much of it is free; in Goldsmith’s Lane you get the first two hours free; at the Cattle Market, the first hour is free, and there is a decent bus service locally or walk or cycle if you have nothing heavy to carry.

If you can, try a weekday evening instead for your shopping when it is quieter and take back your weekend!

And soon, we will have another supermarket in the town to add to our choices.

And when Christmas is done and dusted what about getting rid of all of your festive waste?

If you have kept in mind that all that glitters cannot be recycled and have not bought wrapping paper with foil and glitter on it, it can all go in your green recycling bin along with Christmas cards.

Unless you re-use the paper and keep cards to make next year’s gift tags!

Real Christmas trees go in your brown garden waste bin if you have one or take it to the council tip at Oakley Wood.

Get neighbours together and take them all in one car or van.

Sadly, all those lovely twinkly Christmas decorations cannot be recycled; use every year or they go in the grey waste bin.

If in doubt about which bin to use, check out South Oxfordshire District Council's Binzone, type in the item and it tells you which bin to use.

Leftover turkey is great for reusing in other dishes.

Curry or home made soup is great for using all the leftovers including veggies and roast potatoes.

That way there's no need to throw anything away.

We all buy too much at Christmas but if the freezer is full, you could donate fresh, in-date items you won’t use to the community fridge in the Fountain Bookshop, St Mary’s Street, for those in need. Please no meat or fish.

Empty food pouches from baby or pet food can be taken to Paddocks Preschool in Paddock Road, Wallingford. Just rinse out first.