By Catherine Somerville of Sustainable Wallingford

IT is amazing that BP has said in its latest annual energy output report that renewable energy will be the world’s main source of power by 2040.

It goes on that renewable energy is growing at a faster rate than any fuel in history.

They are, of course, already investing in renewables so that they can remain one of the main providers of energy in the not-so-distant future.

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However, the report also states that it still sees a ‘major role’ for hydrocarbons until then which will require substantial investment.

This means that the cheap, easy-to-get-to oil, coal and gas has already gone and, although there is plenty left, it is in such difficult, hazardous places, it will cost much more to get to it. So it will cost us more to use it.

Energy companies pay their workforce and bosses by results – i.e. the more hydrocarbons they extract, the more money they are paid. So no incentive, then to draw back from the brink.

The report also states that expected growth in renewables would be driven by government policies, technological change and the falling costs of wind and solar power.

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Government policies. Hmm. Has anyone noticed our government pulling out all the stops to get suitable policies in place, NOW, when we really need them?

What gives hope to those who have been campaigning about climate change for 30 years (and being classed as weirdos) is the revolt by our young.

Schoolchildren the world over are now demonstrating.

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Perhaps their action will wake up governments to actually do enough to make a difference.

A great poster I saw in one newspaper, held aloft by schoolchildren in Australia, read You Are Burning Our Future.

So this is where you have the power: write to, email, phone or attend local surgeries for your local politicians and tell them you want them to be more pro-active in putting the right policies in place.

The energy companies will not do anything unless they are made to or governments give them a financial incentive. That’s just business. Just as government will not do anything they think will have a negative impact on their ratings or voting results. Unless we, the people they represent, tell them otherwise.

Schoolgirl Greta Thunberg is now urging the EU to double targets to cut global warming. We should listen.