We have been hearing for some years about the effects of flying on our climate.

Like me, you probably feel guilty for taking a flight for your annual holiday.

A report from the Committee on Climate Change states that frequent flyers are responsible for a greater proportion of greenhouse gases than a family having one annual holiday.

The government is now looking at ways to reduce the emission of greenhouse gasses from aviation.

One option is to add a levy on frequent flyers in the hope it will encourage them to reduce the number of their flights they take each year.

Those in the top one per cent income bracket who like to fly off regularly for short (3-5 day) breaks might find in future that the levy makes it unpalatable to fly so often if the CCC’s recommendations are eventually adopted.

Business frequent flyers have other options such as video conferencing for shorter meetings or discussions.

According to the very informative website seat61.com, travel by train from London to Vienna currently costs approx £200 return going by Eurostar then luxurious ICE trains to Vienna.

Yet many will balk at the fact that this price is maybe twice what one might pay for the equivalent flight and takes no account of costs of getting to London.

But bear in mind that while you travel to and hang around airports/get to hotels at the other side, you could be on your way on the train or coach. And there is no weight limit on luggage for trains.

A return trip from London to Paris using the National Express coach is currently just £44.90.

Why fly? There is great scenery on these journeys not seen from an aircraft.

Why not explore your own country? Climate change means we are experiencing warmer and longer summers. We have so many beautiful beaches, forests, hills, islands, lakes and lochs to explore. Whether you enjoy camping, taking the camper van/motor home or booking into a hotel, there is so much on offer here.

It is hard to beat prices for many of the flights to Europe but Government needs to address this issue and make prices for flying more realistic.

Taking young children abroad can be stressful and, frankly, to under-10s, a beach is a beach and the best rock pools are found right here at home.

If the children are happy, parents have a good holiday.