MANY readers will remember when winters were often longer and a much colder time of the year than is usual now.

I remember in the 1960s and 70s, even the first half of the 1980s, winter could be really cold. Temperatures often hovered near freezing, with ice and snow.

Since then, the effects of global warming have increasingly meant that our winters are shorter and often warmer.

Remember when September signalled the beginning of autumn and the leaves starting turning colour?

However, central heating was less common then so when it became cold, it was natural to put on a warm jumper or cardigan – maybe even also thicker underwear for really cold days.

It was not unusual, in those days, to have summer-weight curtains and winter-weight curtains.

We made sure to tuck window-length curtains behind radiators to keep the heat in the room instead of going straight out the window.

We used to be creative at finding and eliminating draughts and every home had a distinctive sausage-dog draught excluder. I still have a curtain across the front door to keep heat in.

Now with most people having central heating in their homes, it is so easy to simply turn up the thermostat.

But it isn’t reasonable, in the middle of winter, to wander round your home wearing little more than a T-shirt and shorts.

All you get are high energy bills and increased CO2 emissions, adding to global warming and climate change.

No need to go back to chilblains and hypothermia.

With warm, attractive indoor clothes on offer, it doesn't make sense to spend your hard-earned cash dressing at home as if it is the height of summer.

Treat yourself this winter to a sexy jumper, cosy hoodie, even a cardigan or stripy socks to keep the cold at bay.

There are adult as well as children’s onesies.

Maybe there is a keen knitter in the family who would create a stunning jumper for you. Or snuggle under a cosy blanket on cold winter evenings.

Save yourself even more money by making use of the good quality woollen items available in our charity shops.

Be creative about keeping warm and let us know how you do it.

With the money saved by reducing your energy bills, you can plan a low-energy treat for yourself and/or the family.