Riding on the wave of cheap oil and fossil-fuel bailouts is incompatible with keeping the average global temperature rise below 2C, let alone 1.5C.

But governments are planning the cheapest and quickest return to consumption.

So say some of Europe’s most eminent scientists in a letter in the Guardian newspaper.

They are banking on us being so embroiled in the miseries and restrictions of Covid-19 that we will not notice the bailouts being offered to airlines, industry, etc. with nothing or very little asked of them in return regarding what they will do to reduce their carbon footprint.

It is hard to think about climate change if your livelihood is threatened or you are wondering how to feed your family, but it is important and urgent that we don’t take our eye off the ball when it comes to climate change.

Unfortunately, the dangers have not gone away just because we are worried about the pandemic.

Those who can take a few minutes to contact their MP, please do so.

We need to keep taking the measures we took before this pandemic, but we also need to lobby our MPs regularly to represent our point of view so that if whoever get bailed out, they at least have to operate with a greatly reduced carbon footprint.

If manufacturing businesses get bailed out, they have to show how they plan to work more sustainably in future, reducing their emissions.

If any business gets bailed out, it should have to show how it will reduce its carbon footprint.

All to be monitored, with penalties if they drag their feet.

The Government needs to legislate so that there will be a meaningful building code ensuring all new buildings are low or zero carbon.

The energy-saving technologies to include in new buildings have been available for most of the past 30 years. It is cost-effective to incorporate them at the start. No more excuses – the planet, our world that we depend on for our very lives – cannot wait any longer. Now is the time for Government to show what it is made of. At present, the proposed changes to the planning system, expanding permitted development, does not look as though it will help. Watch this space.

Individually, we have a part to play. Keep doing all the small things that cynics tell you make no difference. All together, they do.