Sir, With regards to the recent heavy snowfall and associated problems this generates, I am writing to express how disgusted I have been at the state of School Lane and the Millbrook School/Old Mill Hall car park at the end.

Surely the presence of a large primary school and associated nursery school should make this a priority for gritting?

As a mother-of-two, it is often hard enough to get my five-year-old to school with my two-year-old in tow, add into that negotiating a skating rink (the car park) and trying to cross a very icy road with cars parked outside the school so they didn’t have to navigate the car park, and you have a recipe for disaster.

There was also a number of mothers carrying young babies and toddlers under these treacherous conditions, which could have caused serious injury to mother and child if she had slipped.

As regarding how much extra time it would take to grit this road and car park, it took me less than a minute to get from the top of the road to the far side of the car park.

Surely people’s safety should be of paramount importance, rather than being a victim of a someone, somewhere who decides where to grit?

Sue Joyce

Vestry Close