Sir, This may sound a little indelicate, but can I send out a plea to the Vale council on behalf of those who use and really need the public toilets in Abingdon?

I mean people with small children, the elderly and people like me who have diabetes or other medical conditions which mean that sometimes we need a toilet — sharpish. For many people the loss of public toilets is a minor bother. For others, it is a major problem.

It seems foolish to change the name of the town to promote the amenity that is our riverbank, then consider closing the public toilets over the summer in the Abbey Grounds, or to subsidise parking in the town centre to encourage shoppers, then consider a move that will discourage people like me from planning a trip there. I know that maintaining public toilets is not a statutory obligation, and I know that the money spent on subsidised parking has to be recouped somehow and budgets are tight.

I know that savings have to be made. But I appeal to the Vale — there are those of us out there who really need public toilets. Please reject the suggestion to close them.

Rev David Fleming

Thesiger Road