WHEN Jacob Knight saw a pal at school with a serious health problem, he decided he wanted to do something to help others.

So, instead of spending his summer holidays playing sport or computer games, he completed a marathon swim and run to raise funds for Helen and Douglas House hospice for young people in Oxford.

Not only did he swim the equivalent distance of the English Channel at Didcot Wave pool over a number of visits, he also ran the same distance home afterwards. After completing the challenge, Jacob has raised £400.

There are not too many nine-year-old boys who would dedicate so much spare time to helping others, and Jacob should be commended for his effort. His family and friends also deserve a pat on the back for helping to co-ordinate the charity effort, and Didcot Wave for hosting the swim.

With a new Didcot leisure centre on the horizon, the future of Didcot Wave appears to be in doubt, and Jacob’s ‘Channel’ swim is an important reminder that the Wave is valued as a community asset.

It will be interesting to see the results of a consultation on facilities for the new centre when they are published as this could help to determine the future of Didcot Wave.