ABINGDON dad James Phillpott was devastated when his daughter Amber died from a rare form of leukaemia when she was just 18 months old.

He was determined to do something to raise funds for research into the condition and now money raised by the Amber Phillpott Trust is paying for important research.

Scientists feel they are on the verge of a breakthrough and without Mr Phillpott’s determination it is doubtful they would have achieved so much. But it is not just a solo effort.

A team of supporters and volunteers is helping Mr Phillpott and his family with the trust and the Yeah Baby! music festival which takes place every summer in Abingdon. Following Amber’s death, the community has rallied round.

This has provided some comfort to the Phillpott family, and research paid for by dedicated fundraising is really starting to pay dividends where it counts — in the laboratory.