Sir, Thank you for your coverage of the proposed moving of the pedestrian crossing in Marcham Road and the placing of a further crossing in Ock Street.

The use of the latter will make it far more difficult for motorists to turn right into Ock Street from Drayton Road and will thus add to, not alleviate, the traffic on the double mini-roundabout, causing back-up in Drayton Road, already recognised as having reached capacity.

Regarding Marcham Road, there is also an issue of safety for children risking gambling with the traffic at the mini-roundabouts, rather than having to walk further down Marcham Road to cross on their way to school.

The present crossing was put in as part of a Safe to School initiative and should not be moved. Pedestrian crossings should be sited with the safety of pedestrians in mind, not used as traffic management tools.

Peter and Anne Dodd

Virginia Way