A farmers’ market may be nothing new but the resounding success of the new venture in Uffington should provide further food for thought for the supermarket chains.

Record losses by Tesco indicated people’s habits are changing and that not so many shoppers are content to rely on what the major supermarket chains can provide.

Residents using farmers’ markets know they can pick up fruit and veg from local suppliers, rather than goods transported from other parts of the country, or even the world.

Such markets – of which there are now 10 in Oxfordshire – also help build community spirit in rural locations and provide a useful service at the same time.

Local businesses get a regular opportunity to display their wares when they know hundreds of people will be gathering.

As voting habits appear to be changing, people are also voting with their feet when it comes to buying their food.

The big weekly shop is no longer sacrosanct, with some residents choosing instead to spend their money little and often at convenience stores or discount stores, and at places like farmers’ markets.

Variety is the spice of life and supermarket chains need to up their game if they want to hold on to their customers.