In the face of tragedy, Skye Hall’s family has managed to make a huge impact by raising thousands for new research.

Aged only five, Skye died having spent a year valiantly battling a brain tumour and his parents Andrew and Sally are now ensuring his legacy lives on.

The inspirational family set up the Blue Skye Thinking charity as tribute to Skye, a foundation to fund research into alternative treatments for children’s cancers.

And after working tirelessly since their son passed away in August, they have reached their goal of £120,000, enough to fund a four-year PhD research post at the Northern Institute for Cancer Research.

The researcher will work on finding new treatments for childhood brain tumour to try to protect other children from the sad fate Skye faced.

What a testament to the brave young boy, who touched hearts across Oxfordshire.

Hundreds of people have donated to the cause and the family have received support from people all over the world for the Loom to the Moon campaign.

It must be a small comfort to them going through such an unimaginable time.

But it is not the end. Blue Skye Thinking now wants to raise £200,000 to fund a post-doctoral researcher for three years.

Andrew Hall, Skye’s dad, said that in just four months three other children that Skye met on the ward at the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford have died after brain tumours.

He said: “It reiterates the desperate need for better treatment protocols, and the way they are monitored.”

While more and more families receive the devastating diagnosis of child cancer, the need for Blue Skye Thinking and its pursuit for better treatment remains vital.

We must do everything we can to help Skye’s legacy lives on, so that the memory of such a brave boy never fades.